St. George is a fast-growing city that is seeing more and more new residents each and every year. If you’re new to the area or just looking for new things to do in the area, you’ll be pleased to find out there are plenty of interesting things to do in Spring in St. George. In fact, the list of things to do is growing just as fast as the population!

🏞 Outdoor Fun

If you’re an outdoor type of person then you’ll have no shortage of things to do in St. George. Topping the list is Pioneer Park, a popular natural playground to explore and do some climbing in. Red Hills Desert Garden is a close second with a beautiful variety of desert plants and landscapes. Other outdoor places to check out include Town Square Park, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, and Tonaquint Nature Center.

🛍️ Shopping

For those eager to go shopping you’ll find that you have a great variety of stores and shopping centers in St. George to satisfy your needs. At the top of this list is the popular Red Cliffs Mall which houses a fair amount of clothing stores, restaurants, jewelry stores and more. You can look up their directory online for a full list of all the stores but it’s more than enough to satisfy most shoppers needs. Outside of the mall you’ll find a few art galleries (Coyote Gulch comes to mind), some shopping centers (The Outlets at Zion is a popular one) and tons of great restaurants.

🕌 Sights to See

Many great landmarks and historical sites can be found spread out throughout the area. The most popular is the St. George Temple, a Mormon temple that towers over the surrounding area. You won’t get to take a full tour of the temple, as only devout Mormons are allowed in most areas, but there’s a lovely visitor center you can visit, and you can get some great pictures of it from the outside.

If seeing older artifacts is more your cup of tea then you’ll be thrilled when you check out Petroglyph Park, a site where you can take a tour and see some very ancient carvings found throughout the area. For other old artifacts you can look around the various art museums in St. George. The St. George Art Museum is the most popular but there are several others in the area as well and they’re all worth checking out.

🏙 Festivals and Special Events

There’s a lot of festivals, jamborees and other events that come to St. George every year, so many that even if you’re picky about the events you go to, there’s bound to be one that will pique your interest. There’s far too many to list all of them here but here are some of the honorable mentions:

The Parade of Homes, a self-guided tour of 28 brand new and highly innovative homes of tomorrow. This happens every year from February 17th – 26th and is something you rarely see anyone leave dissatisfied.

Mini Indy, an Indy-style car race through a winding course. If you like any type of racing, you’ll absolutely get a good time out of this and you’ll be even happier to know that all the proceeds from the event go to help the United Way.

The St. George Arts Festival is one to surely please any of the art lovers out there. Fine art and delicious food flourish at this event and there’s entertainment throughout the afternoon and night. There’s even special games setup to keep the children happy! Don’t miss this one, each year on Easter weekend.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for things to do in St. George. If you dive a little deeper, you’ll find countless good times and memories to be made in St. George. This city has really blossomed over the past 25 years and is continuing to grow at a magnificent rate so expect the number of things to do to increase as well!

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