How Does An Executor Sell A House

Selling a home isn’t always as easy as it seems. Market conditions can fluctuate. Home values can quickly appreciate or depreciate depending on trends, the economy or other factors. Sometimes people need to sell their home because of family issues or the need to relocate for work. Other times a home may need to be … Continued

How to Sell a House and Handle Taxes in Utah

There are many steps ahead of you as you prepare for selling a home in Utah. There’s finding the service professionals to help you through the process, getting your home ready to show, actually selling the home, and then there are closing costs. The biggest costs associated with selling your Utah home will likely be … Continued

23 Best Ways Increase Home Value In Utah

The final price for which your home will sell is determined by many factors. There is the appraised value of your home, the location of your property, the home’s condition, how competitive the market is at the time you sell, and the perceived value of your property by buyers – meaning that a buyer is … Continued

What Must You Disclose When Selling a House in Utah?

Selling a home can be a long process. There’s the business of listing the home for sale, showing your home, eventually finding a buyer and then negotiating the terms of the sale, which involves processes like appraisals and home inspections. During this process, there are Utah state laws that require you to disclose information that … Continued

Closing Costs When Selling a House in Utah

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If you’re considering selling your house in Utah, you’ll want to be sure to be knowledgeable about closing costs – what they entail, who pays them, and what fees you should be prepared for. Pro Tip: Ask your real estate agent for any help or information about what to expect. A professional real estate agent … Continued

How to Buy a House When Selling Another

If you’ve decided that your needs have changed and it’s time to upgrade or downsize your home, you’ve likely started searching for a new home that better fits your needs. Maybe you’ve even found a home and you’re ready to get started with the home-buying process. But, you have one problem. You still own your … Continued

How to Stage Your Home to Sell Fast

A clean home is a well-maintained home. This should be the first impression a buyer gets when they come to visit. Staging a home is important and could spell success for selling your home fast. To stage a home, you need to maximize all your resources. There’s no need to spend a fortune. Many times, … Continued

Pre-Appraisal Guide for Home Sellers

Selling a home can be a stressful, laborious task. Figuring out the proper listing and valuation while ensuring all the details are in order is no minuscule task. Luckily, a pre-appraisal can put your mind at ease. A home inspection can help you find issues or benefits you weren’t aware of, things that can add … Continued

How to Sell Your St. George Home Fast

In some situations, thinking about selling a house can take a substantial amount of time. The idea rolls around in the back of the mind, even when not on the surface. As you move through your home doing day-to-day activities, you begin to wonder what it might be like to pack and move on to … Continued

Set the Asking Price Right for Selling Your House

Reduce the risk of delays and money loss by pricing your house correctly from the beginning. Your goal is to get the highest return on your investment in the shortest amount of time. Your asking price should align with the value of the home for this to happen successfully. Before you move forward, check out … Continued