When it comes to supporting the arts in St. George, the Art Around the Corner Foundation does a magnificent job of adding beauty to the downtown area with their Outdoor Sculpture Gallery.

About Art Around the Corner

A nonprofit organization, Art Around the Corner Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of 13 members. Through their dedication to bringing fine arts to the community, the downtown area of St. George is home to some amazing pieces of art each year. The Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit changes each Spring to bring in new art experiences for everyone to enjoy from nationally known artists. Approximately 24 pieces of art are installed each year. Student tours are offered for those in the Washington County School District. They also support the Young Creators Program that helps secondary students reach the community with their art.

Sculptures Change Each Spring [VIDEO]

Downtown Outdoor Sculpture Gallery [With Map]

While the collection changes each Spring, you can rest assured that each new year brings incredible works of art that are both beautiful and meaningful. Each piece of art is for sale or may be leased. Art Around the Corner has been managing these exhibits since Spring 2013. The current collection includes:

  • Kolob by Doug, Diane, and Ryan Adams. This sculpture was created with found metal objects and recycled glass.
  • Origin by Matt Clark. This metal sculpture is meant to represent the creation of a world.
  • Reaching by Karen Coburn. This bronze sculpture presents a sense of awareness and a connection with the world around the central figure.
  • Emerging by Cheryl Collins. The artist offers a view of personal growth and opening to the light in this sculpture.
  • Giant Spider by Deveren Farley. This 16-foot sculpture is made of metal and was meant to be a conversation starter.

  • An Angel Anchored in the Art Nouveau by Ben Hammond. This beautiful sculpture was inspired by the artists from the Art Nouveau period.
  • Regaining Composure by Michael Howey. This sculpture speaks to the importance of being self-composed in order to help others.
  • Carried by Franz Johansen. Part of the Veil and Resurrection Series, this bronze sculpture was inspired by the artist’s interest in religious figurative art.
  • Germination – A Good Seed by Nate Johansen. This sculpture presents the life cycle of a seed.
  • Jules Vern II by Richard Prazen. This piece is a fantasy steampunk airship made of metal that spins.
  • Journeys of the Imagination Girl by Gary Lee Price. This sculpture represents the freedom of flight and rising above problems.

  • Widow Maker by Tim Little. This sculpture was the last work of art created by this talented and well-loved artist. It was originally created for the Museum of Idaho.
  • Vail by James Moore. This sculpted garden lamp is a smaller version of those you will find in Vail, Colorado on Meadow Avenue.
  • Millennia by Marci Robinson-Rouse. This alabaster sculpture was created through the inspiring process of carving the original block of stone.
  • Calling the Night by Scott Rogers. This sculpture presents the owl as a messenger of wisdom.
  • Helix Moon by Reven Swanson. Made of steel, this sculpture was created using a sewing technique that is ancient.
  • Opening #1 by Christopher Thomson. Created with the use of fire, this steel sculpture was created without the constraints of ideas about how the piece would end.

  • Serene by Dan Toone. This sculpture was created from the artist’s appreciation of simple shapes and forms.
  • 0408 by Joshua Toone. The patina on the sphere in this sculpture is striking. The sculpture was named in honor of the birthdates of the artist’s children.
  • Sandy & Rascal by L’Deane Trueblood. This artist truly captures wonderful moments in her bronze sculptures.
  • Elle by Jeannine Young. This sculpture represents the generosity, elegance, and graceful mature of women.
  • Gratitude by Annette Everett. This sculpture was inspired by the painting Song of the Lark by Jules Breton.
  • Slippery When Wet by Dan Hill. A group of young siblings and a slippery frog are the subjects of this sculpture.

Buying & Leasing a Sculpture

Sculptures on display throughout the downtown St. George area are available for purchase or lease. If you would like to be connected to an artist with a piece currently on display to discuss a different sculpture they created, Art Around the Corner can help make that happen.

To purchase a sculpture, you can call Art Around the Corner at 435-319-4504. The retail price is paid by AAC and a contract is signed by the buyer and the artist. The buyer sets up a payment schedule and a time for delivery.

To lease a sculpture, you can call Art Around the Corner at 435-319-4504. The retail price with a deduction of 10 percent is paid by AAC and a contract is signed by the leaser and the artist. The sculpture is leased for a period of one year and the lease can be renewed. In some cases, the lease payment can go towards the purchase of the piece. A portion of the lease price supports Art Around the Corner.

Young Creator’s Program

Each year, Art Around the Corner invites students enrolled in the Washington County School District to participate in the Young Creator’s Program. Ultimately, twelve young artists will be selected through a juried process. Winning artists will have their works of art presented at the Gala Dinner for Art Around the Corner’s annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit in April 2019.

On the night of the Gala Dinner, each piece of art will be available for purchase. All proceeds go to the artists in the hope that it will encourage them to continue their artistic pursuits. It is possible that scholarships will be presented that evening.

Schedule for Event

  • September – October 2018: Announcement of program and discussions of rules and criteria.
  • March 2, 2019: Photographs must be submitted of art pieces. There will be a blind judging that considers concept, design, movement, composition, creativity, presentation, and balance. Winners announced and invited to Gala Dinner.
  • April 5, 2019: Gala Dinner with the sale of art.
  • April 30, 2019: Artists will receive money from sales. Press releases will be sent announcing winners.

For more information, call Kasi Miller at 435-703-0808.

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When it comes to supporting the arts in St. George, the Art Around the Corner Foundation does a magnificent job of adding beauty to the downtown area with their Outdoor Sculpture Gallery.
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