What Features Sell A House?

Unfortunately, selling property isn’t as simple as placing a listing. Sellers have to cater to buyers’ wants and needs. They need to provide more reasons for people to purchase their houses over other similar residences in the area.

When a listing is developed, it’s important to add as many key selling features as you can. They will give people more reasons to consider your home. The listings should be accurate and easy enough for anyone to understand.

Selling a home in Utah will take time. It’s not uncommon for several weeks or months to elapse before a sale has been completed. Certain steps must be taken in order. Different professionals will become involved at some stages, and you could even run into unwanted delays or other issues. Patience, persistence, and a proactive plan of action can help you succeed.

Here are a few features that can help sell your house:

1. Closet space.

Closets are one of the things that most homebuyers look for. As families grow, people need more places to put their things. Walk-in closets and closets with plenty of shelving options are preferred. They can add value instantly and are much more appealing and affordable than renting storage space.

2. Windows. Large windows are another key selling point.

They let more natural light into living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other areas. Windows should be in good condition and easy to clean and repair or replace when necessary.

3. Room for growth.

Unfinished basements or attics have potential. They can easily be converted into rec rooms, home theater rooms, bedrooms or just used for storage space. Young couples and families with small children may want to remodel and add on to the home in the future. That’s why many of them look for homes that can accomodate their future plans.

4. Modern kitchens.

Updated kitchens are one thing that usually draws visitors’ eyes almost immediately at open house showings. New countertops and appliances look great and should last for many years. Recessed and other forms of modern lighting are good ways to accentuate certain areas and make the kitchen one of the most popular rooms in the home.

5. New floors.

Hardwood floors are all the rage right now, but vinyl and laminate are other popular and affordable choices. Flooring can quickly be replaced or repolished. You may want to use the same materials throughout the house or mix and match to provide different nuances for each room if you want.

6. Neutral colors.

Buyers can usually conceptualize what each room will look like once they’ve moved in when they’re visiting homes that have been painted with neutral colors on the interior. Colors or shades that are too bright, dark, or dull can be a distraction. In some cases, those hues could even cause interested parties to move on to the next home on their list. You may want to touch up paint that’s faded or repaint entire rooms or floors before putting your home on the market.

7. Home offices.

As more and more people have been working from home since the pandemic began, home office space has become increasingly more important. Spare bedrooms and other spaces can be converted to home offices in no time. The nice thing about these spaces is that they can be customized. Home offices could also be changed into bedrooms, and workout rooms, or serve other purposes over time.

8. Open floor plans

It’s amazing how having a few less walls can give the appearance of having more space. This is especially true in living rooms, kitchens and dining areas. Open floor plans are very popular right now. Homeowners with older houses may find it necessary to open things up to give buyers the flexibility they’ve been looking for.

9. Updated bathrooms.

It might be time to renovate the bathrooms in your home. Adding light or dark colors can add instant appeal. New sinks, showers, toilets and bathtubs use less water and are incredibly easy to clean. You can also add mirrors and more countertop space, which are frequently sought after by couples with families.

10. Security system.

Depending on where you live, a security system may be invaluable. There are many different kinds of security systems to fit homeowners’ needs. They provide peace of mind and are relatively simple to install. Monitoring services are inexpensive and often alert owners and local law enforcement officers to break-in attempts in a matter of moments.

11. Outdoor lights.

Walkway lighting and updated light fixtures for your garage, patio and other outdoor spaces can be a nice touch. They can definitely come in handy for social gatherings such as birthday parties, anniversaries, bonfires and other special events. You can even leave a few lights on for your guests to make them feel more comfortable.

12. Garages.

Garages are another essential selling feature. Most buyers are looking for attached garages that can accommodate at least a couple of vehicles and their boats, snowmobiles, bikes, four-wheelers and other accessories. Garages also serve as places to store tools and gather friends and family members for celebrations, watching movies and much more.

13. Outdoor pools and hot tubs.

Hot tubs and in-ground pools are unique ways to help your listing stand out int a crowded real estate market. They’re features that not every homeowner has. Just keep them in good condition and clean and maintain those fixtures regularly. The last thing a buyer wants is an unsightly, unclean hot tub or pool that looks awful or has obviously seen better days.

14. Solar panels.

Smart home buyers are concerned about energy and home heating costs, especially when inflation continues to raise prices on almost everything. One way to reduce energy bills is by installing solar panels. They don’t take up much space and can be modified to meet individual needs. Homeowners should start seeing real savings as soon as they receive their first utility bill once these panels have been set up.

15. Garden areas

Another way that people are looking to cut costs is by growing their own vegetables. A few fresh flowers are also nice too. That’s where garden space comes into play. Homeowners can create their own custom gardens to grow just about anything that the soil and proper nutrients will allow. They look great, add color to a lot and can engage the entire family as they work on the garden when they’re not at work or school.


These are just some of the many features that home buyers look for. You can consult with your realtor or stager if you need advice or ideas. You can do everything yourself or hire professionals when needed, as long as you stick to your budget.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, it won’t be much longer until the transaction has been finalized. At closing, all remaining paperwork will be signed and filed. The buyer will be given the keys to your former dwelling, and you’ll get payment for the net proceeds. That money is yours to do with as you see fit. It could be put towards another home or other expensive item or just saved for later. Whatever you choose, you can rest easy knowing that the chapter is finally closed. It’s time to look ahead to the next phase in another location.

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