What Upgrades Can Increase The Value Of A Home?

There’s more work involved in selling property than just creating a listing. Home sellers have to list amenities that buyers are interested in. They will also need to spend some time staging the property and cleaning before showings are scheduled.

In a busy real estate market, owners need to make their houses stand out. One way to accomplish this is by making certain upgrades. Some upgrades are better than others, but the majority of these changes can also add more resale value.

Selling a home in Utah can take time. Even if you have a highly motivated buyer, the sale may still not be completed for several weeks or months. There are certain steps that must be taken in order, and there could be a few delays or other issues along the way. Patience, persistence and a proactive plan of action can help you succeed.

Here are a few upgrades that can quickly increase your home’s value:

1. New exterior paint or siding.

Replacing your exterior siding can give your home a more modern look and feel. You can also paint the existing siding in more traditional colors. These upgrades are relatively inexpensive and can add value almost instantly.

You can start by buying or renting a power washer to clean outside walls, windows, and doors. You can even clean the roof and gutters if you have time. Cleaning makes it easier to paint and install siding as needed. It can also help you get rid of dirt, mold, tree branches, bugs, and dust.

2. Patios and decks.

A new deck or patio can be completed in a matter of hours. They look nice and are great gathering places for friends and family members. Your budget and your imagination are your only limits!

You can develop your own ideas or enlist the assistance of professionals. Explain what you want to do and you’ll have a great creation in no time! Patios and decks are also relatively easy to clean and maintain over time.

3. New bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Brand new kitchen and bathroom faucets, sinks and drawer pulls and knobs can give those rooms their own unique appeal. You can go for modern styles or stick with traditional favorites. There are many different products to choose from.

Whatever you decide, pick something that’s trendy and well-made. The last thing a home buyer wants is a fixture that breaks easily. Spend a little time researching different items until you find the ones that best meet your needs.

4. Low flow toilets.

Today’s low-flow toilets use less water. They can help homeowners save money on their water bills every month. These appliances look great and are very simple to swap out.

Most models are rather inexpensive. A good low-flow toilet can be installed in the better part of an afternoon. They look nice and don’t take up much space.

5. Smart appliances.

Wireless home security systems, doorbell cameras, and programmable thermostats are all the rage nowadays. There are many different ways to protect your home, no matter where you go. You can even control many of these devices from your smartphone.

Cameras and security systems can provide added security whether you’re at home, the office or out on vacation. You’ll be notified right away if anyone tries to take packages off of your doorstep or attempts to break into your house. Programmable thermostats don’t require much technical knowledge or experience. They’re great tools for helping people save money as well.

6. New garage doors

Dull, drab, faded garage doors can turn prospective buyers off. You may want to think about installing newer overhead and maintenance doors for your garage. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices on the market today.

You can go with the same styles and color schemes as your home’s exterior. You could also dare to do something different. Just make sure that you have a good overhead garage door system that’s in great working condition.

7. Home office space.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, more people made the adjustment to working at home. That meant that having prime home office space was essential. People needed a good place that was free from distractions and interruptions.

You can designate one or more rooms in your house for that purpose. The space should be warm and inviting. It should block out as much outside sound as possible, and still have enough electrical outlets, lighting, and other necessities so that people can continue working from home as needed.

8. Updated heating and cooling systems.

If your heating system or air conditioning unit is several years old or has been experiencing problems lately, it’s time for an upgrade. You can buy units that will fit in one room of your home and supply comfort throughout the entire house. Many new furnaces and air conditioners have also embraced smart technology, making them easier to manage at any time.

The out of pockets costs will depend on what you decide to buy. You could opt for simple systems that cost a few hundred dollars all the way up to central units that are in the thousands of dollars or more. They’re a small investment now that can definitely pay off in the long run.

9. Completed basements.

Basements provide almost unlimited living potential. Those spaces can be quickly converted into bedrooms, living rooms, home theaters, home office space and serve other purposes. They also add true value to any home.

Take some time to develop a floor plan. Figure out how much space you have. You can even go online to find inspiration in basement projects that other people have completed.

10. Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces.

A good outdoor fireplace or fire pit can be great for a brisk fall day. Homeowners can gather their friends or neighbors together for a bonfire or barbecue as they enjoy each other’s company. They don’t take up much space and are often a key selling point.

There are many different options. You can even build your own fireplace or fire pit by hand if you want. If you don’t have the time, call an expert to get the job done right the first time.

11. Garden areas.

It’s not uncommon to see people working in their gardens on nice spring and summer afternoons. People plant flowers, vegetables and other items every year. They add color and class to any yard.

Any home with a decent yard can have a fair amount of space allocated for a garden. Homeowners can mark off space or add planters around their yard. They can complement those spaces with a few nice trees as well.

12. Open floor plans.

Open floor plans are just as popular as ever. First-time buyers and young families want enough room to work and play. They also expect to have space that will allow them to entertain guests.

Open arrangements should be considered between kitchen rooms and living rooms and between family rooms and the dining area or kitchen. Allow more natural light to enter those spaces, which can be very welcoming for homeowners and their guests.

13. Hot tubs, pools and saunas.

After a busy day at work, it can be very rewarding to come home and relax in your own sauna, pool or hot tub. Depending on your space, these luxuries can be added inside or outside of your house. They’re a nice touch that other sellers may currently lack.

The nice thing about many of these projects is that they’re customizable. They can be as large or as small as you want them to be in most instances. Floor space and budget will probably be your only primary concerns.

14. Outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting is a nice safety feature. Visitors can be greeted by outdoor lighting. Walkways that light up can provide some much-needed visibility during inclement weather.

There are many different outdoor lighting options. You can mix and match products for different areas. Some systems are motion-activated, while others can be set by timers.

15. Neutral paint colors.

When it’s time to paint interior walls, experts recommend using neutral shades and tones. They are easy on the eyes. This is especially important when creating online listings.

Viewers want to be able to envision placing their belongings in living rooms, bedrooms and other areas of the home. Extremely bright or dark colors can be distracting. They can even be difficult to paint over


These are just a few of the many alterations that can be made. Other possible modifications include updating your kitchen countertops, having a full bathroom on the main floor and installing wood or laminate flooring in various rooms. If you’re not sure where to get started, talk to your realtor or hire a design consultant. They’re sure to come up with plenty of ideas that can give people every reason to put your house on the top of their list.

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