What Is Earnest Money?

Home buyers have plenty to think about. They need to research neighborhoods and properties that they would like to live in. Many interested parties are usually preparing lists of amenities while they’re planning on attending open house showings and deciding what to do with their current belongings. For most of us, purchasing a home is … Continued

What Does Buying a House “As Is” Mean?

Home buyers have plenty of work to do. They need to research properties and neighborhoods that they’d like to live in. Buyers are usually saving to be able to afford the home that they want and preparing to move while they’re doing their homework. Some properties are put up for sale in an “as is” … Continued

Reasons For And Against Buying a House at Auction

Homebuyers have more resources than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, prospective owners can research homes and neighborhoods in advance. They can weigh their options carefully before making an offer. Some people opt to purchase property at auctions. Houses are usually put up for sale at an auction as a result of an estate sale, … Continued

What Does It Cost To Buy A House?

There’s a lot of work involved in purchasing a home. People have to research properties, neighborhoods, and amenities. They usually attend several open house showings and review the pros and cons of each house that they visit before making an offer. Homebuyers should have enough money saved for a down payment, as well as their … Continued

Building a House vs. Buying a House

Becoming a homeowner can be a life-changing decision. First time buyers go from renting to owning in a matter of weeks or months. They can’t rely on a superintendent or landlord to fix or replace things that break down or wear out. They’ll be responsible for all maintenance and upkeep on the property. A house … Continued

Buyer’s Guide to Home Loans

Homebuyers have a lot of work to do. They need to research properties and neighborhoods that they’d consider living in. Buyers are also busy getting their finances in order. Many people take out mortgage loans in order to purchase a home. There are different kinds of loans and mortgage lenders. The amount and terms of … Continued

What are Utilities for a House?

Buying a home comes with a lot of associated costs. This can include your major loans and bills such as a mortgage, property taxes, and title costs. It can also include smaller recurring payments, such as your utility bills. What are some of the utilities can you expect when owning a home? How much do … Continued

How To Buy A House During a Divorce

A home purchase is not an impulse decision. It’s not as easy as buying groceries, electronics or a new car. It’s something that requires careful forethought and planning. The entire process can take weeks or months to complete because of all the necessary steps involved and the people that you need to interact with along … Continued

How To Buy A House And Rent It Out

There are many reasons why people decide to buy a house. For some, a house is a place that they can call home. They want to establish roots in a new community or are ready to take on the responsibilities of being a first-time homeowner. Some people decide to buy homes that are in need … Continued